Turon Snack Recipe

Turon Saging / Saba Filipino Snack Recipe

Turon Recipe Ingredients:

banana (preferably ripe saba) peeled
brown sugar
vegetable oil or any kind of cooking oil
lumpia wrapper / spring roll wrapper (balat ng lumpia)
white sugar for better taste
water or egg for sealing balat ng lumpia

Preparation Instructions for Turon Snack Recipe

1. Cut saba bananas in three parts lengthwise.

2. Combine brown sugar and white sugar in a saucer and sprinkle into bananas.

3. Wrap saba bananas in a lumpia wrapper.

4. Spray water on the wrapped bananas and roll over the mixture of sugar. If desired, you can put vanilla flavor in the water for additional essence. It will also add aroma to your turon recipe.

5 . Deep fry until golden brown . Drain excess cooking oil by putting your turon on a strainer.

Turon is a nutritious and cheap snack that you and your family will surely enjoy. You will take pleasure in the soft and sweet taste of the inside and you will feel the crunch of the outside. Eat it as a dessert or a mid-afternoon merienda together with your favorite beverages.

Optional Ingredient for your Turon Recipe: Langka


Cassava Cake Recipe Video

Filipino Snack Idea - Pinoy Cassava Cake Recipe

You will need these ingredients on making CASSAVA CAKE:

2 kilograms of ground cassava
3 cans of condensed milk
1 glass of macapuno

Watch the video on how to make cassava cake for the instructions.

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